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HBO has been a staple of cable TV for decades and the company is determined not to be left behind in the modern 'on-the-go' age of streaming entertainment. For people with cable TV subscriptions that include the premium channel, HBO Go is available at no additional cost.

General Guidelines for Activating HBO Go

HBO Go is a mobile adaptation that provides viewers with access to HBO programming via gaming devices, tablets and phones. However, not all providers support all devices, so double check which devices are supported by your cable TV provider.

For the most part, setup for each device follows a similar set of steps which, in general, are:

  1. Download the HBO Go app to your device
  2. Launch the app
  3. Select your device
  4. Activate your device. At this point you will be given an activation code. The code is inputted online and then on your device.
  5. Within two minutes, a Success! screen will appear

Specific instructions for different kinds of devices are detailed below. Sources include the HBO Go website, PC Mag, Solve Your Tech and gaming sites Xbox and PlayStation.

Setting Up Phones and Tablets


  1. Open the app store on your iPad.
  2. Download HBO Go and Open it - this will force open a login page.
  3. Sign into your HBO Go account.
  4. Select your TV provider and enter login/password information.
  5. View HBO Go content.
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  1. Open the app store on your iPad.
  2. Download HBO Go and Open it - this will force open a login page.
  3. Select your TV provider and enter login/password information.
  4. Sign into your HBO Go account.
  5. View HBO Go content.

Android Devices

  1. Download HBO Go from Google Play.
  2. Open app - this will force open a login page.
  3. Select your TV provider and enter login/password information.
  4. Sign into your HBO Go account.
  5. View HBO Go content.

Amazon Fire TV

  1. Download the HBO GO app from Amazon Fire TV store.
  2. Open HBO GO on the device.
  3. In the main menu, highlight 'Welcome' and press right on the navigation ring of the Amazon Fire TV remote.
  4. On the Welcome screen, ensure that Activate HBO GO is highlighted and press the select button on the remote. This will create activation code. Remain on this page while you have entered the code on your computer.
  5. On your computer, navigate to
  6. Select your TV provider.
  7. On the Activate a Device page, enter the activation code and click Activate Device.
  8. A Success message should be visible on your television and browser.

Setting Up Gaming Systems


  1. Download HBO GO from the app store.
  2. Launch the app on your PS3.
  3. On the Welcome screen, select Activate HBO GO to will generate the activation code. Stay on this page.
  4. On a computer, go to and select PlayStation 3.
  5. Select your TV Provider - and enter password/login associated with the account. Note: If your TV Provider is not listed, access to HBO GO on PlayStation3 is not offered as part of your HBO subscription.
  6. On the Activate a Device screen, enter the code displayed on your television.
  7. Select Activate.
  8. A Success message should appear on the TV screen and in your browser.


  1. Download HBO GO from app store or marketplace.
  2. Launch HBO GO on the PS4.
  3. Select Activate HBO GO panel on the Welcome screen. This will create the activation code on the next screen.
  4. Navigate to and choose your TV provider
  5. On the Activate a Device screen, enter the code displayed on your TV and click Activate.
  6. A Success message will appear on both your television and your browser.

Xbox 360

You must have an Xbox live membership.

  1. Go to the Xbox dashboard and download HBO GO.
  2. Launch it on the Xbox.
  3. Sign in to your Xbox Live account.
  4. Select Activate Your Device to generate the activation code. Stay on this page.
  5. On your computer, go to
  6. On the computer, select Xbox 360.
  7. Select your TV provider and enter the username and password associated with your TV Provider account to login.
  8. On the Activate a Device screen, enter the code that was displayed on your television.
  9. Select Activate.
  10. The Success panel will appear.

Xbox One

You must have an Xbox live membership.

  1. Download HBO Go from the Xbox dashboard.
  2. Launch the app.
  3. Sign into your Xbox Live account.
  4. Click Activate Your Device which will generate a code. Go to
  5. Select Xbox One.
  6. Select your TV provider and login. (Enter the login credentials that are associated with your TV Provider account.)
  7. On the Active Device screen, enter the code generated in step 4.
  8. A Success panel will appear

Setting Streaming Devices and Smart TV

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  1. Find the HBO Go in the Channel Store and download.
  2. Launch HBO Go on the Roku.
  3. Click Activate Your Device to which will generate a code. Enter this code on your computer at
  4. Select Roku Streaming Player.
  5. Select your TV provider and enter password/login associated with the account.
  6. On the Activate Device screen (on TV) enter the same code you entered on your computer.
  7. Click Activate Device.
  8. Within two minutes or less a 'Success' screen should appear.

Apple TV

  1. On your Apple TV, launch HBO Go.
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Activate Device. This should give you a code, which you will enter on your computer by going to
  4. Select Apple TV.
  5. Select your TV Provider - and enter password/login associated with the account.
  6. On the Activate Device screen (on TV) enter the same code you entered on your computer.
  7. Click Activate Device.
  8. Within two minutes or less a Success screen should appear.

Samsung Smart TV

  1. Go to Smart Hub and download HBO Go.
  2. Launch HBO Go.
  3. Click Activate Your Device. On the next screen an activation code will appear.
  4. On a computer, navigate to
  5. Select Samsung Smart TVs.
  6. Select your TV provider and login using the username and password associated with your TV provider.
  7. On your TV monitor, the Activate a Device screen should still be visible. Enter the activation code.
  8. A Success message should appear in both your browser and on the TV.


Since Chromecast is a unique type of streaming in that it 'casts' the content from your phone, tablet or laptop to the TV, setting it up is slightly different than other streaming devices. There are two ways to cast the content and both require plugging the Chrome cast device (called a dongle) into the HDMI port of your TV, a fast computer and a Wi-Fi connection.

Using Chrome Browser

  1. Turn on TV and switch to your 'Chromecast channel.'
  2. Install the Google Cast extension.
  3. Navigate to HBO Go.
  4. Click the 'casting' icon in Chrome.
  5. Content inside your browser will display on your TV.

Using An App

  1. Go to Google Play or iTunes and download the HBO Go app.
  2. Turn on TV and switch to your 'Chromecast channel.'
  3. Launch the HBO Go app.
  4. Navigate to Movie or TV show.
  5. The selected program will display on your TV.
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Some of the most common problems people have with the HBO Go service include login issues or an inability to view content. If, after the password and login have been verified, a user still cannot log in, it is an issue with their TV provider and the provider will need to be contacted. If a user can log in, but the content is not available, that is an HBO Go issue and HBO Go should be contacted.

Another common problem is too many users or devices attempting to access the same account. Double check with your provider to determine the number of permitted users or devices.

Future of HBO Go

After teasing HBO subscribers of a possible standalone product, HBO delivered in 2015 with HBO Now. The content is HBO's complete lineup plus 'Hollywood blockbusters.' Unlike HBO Go, users do not need a cable subscription to use HBO Now. To purchase the product, users can visit the Apple store and download the app. An android app is in the works, but is not available as of July 2015. Until it's ready, non-Apple users can watch HBO Now on a PC or on their TV by using Chromecast.

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How do I activate my HBO GO subscription? ›

Log-in or create an HBO GO account. Choose "Globe" under "Link your existing HBO GO subscription" Log-in using your GlobeOne ID to finish your activation. Start watching!

How do I get a voucher code for HBO GO? ›

Download via Play store, App store, App Gallery and/or open the GlobeOne app. Go to the Rewards section then Select/Search: HBO GO. Click Next then Redeem. Wait for the confirmation from 4438 containing the unique code.

Does HBO GO have a device limit? ›

HBO Go allows you to stream two devices at once

With HBO Go, you can register up to three devices and attach them to a single account. However, the cable network only allows Go users to stream two out of three total devices simultaneously.

How do I fix HBO glitch? ›

If video frequently buffers or is poor quality, try these steps:
  1. Update HBO Max. Make sure you have the latest version of HBO Max. ...
  2. Test your connection speed. ...
  3. Reduce activity on your network. ...
  4. Restart your devices. ...
  5. Try another device. ...
  6. Try a wired connection.

How do I activate HBO GO on my cell phone? ›

Stream over a mobile network
  1. Open HBO Max on your phone or tablet and then tap your profile (upper right).
  2. Tap the Settings icon and then tap or scroll to Playback.
  3. Turn off Stream over Wi-Fi Only.

Is HBO GO free or not? ›

Launched in 2010, HBO Go is a separate free app that's designed for cable, satellite and live TV streaming service subscribers who already get HBO's channel(s) as part of a TV subscription.

Is there a 30 day free trial for HBO? ›

Get this great offer. It's easy to redeem your HBO MAX 30-day trial. Simply purchase, set up, and activate a new Roku streaming device. During activation, you'll see a 30-day offer from HBO Max, accept the offer and follow the instructions.

How do I redeem my free HBO? ›

To redeem your HBO Max promo code: Go to on your phone or computer. Enter your promo code and choose Get the Promo. If you have trouble redeeming the code, see Can't redeem promo code.

Is HBO GO free for students? ›

With HBO GO® and MAX GO®, on-campus students get instant, unlimited access to HBO® and Cinemax® programming anytime, anywhere at no extra charge.

How many people can share an HBO account? ›

In most cases, members of your household can sign in to HBO Max on different devices, and watch different shows at the same time. Your account can have up to 5 profiles for the kid and adults in your immediate family or household.

Is HBO Max different than HBO Go? ›

HBO Go and HBO Now have been discontinued. HBO Max offers all the same content as the HBO app, plus a catalog of content from other Warner Media properties. HBO Max has taken over HBO's streaming content, thanks to its more centralized login process and larger catalog.

What does the maximum number of viewers has been reached mean on HBO? ›

HBO Max says it has reached the maximum number of simultaneous video streams. You can only watch HBO Max from one device at a time. If you believe you have received this message in error, please consult HBO Max's Help Center for further guidance. Have more questions?

How do I refresh my HBO app? ›

Try updating the HBO Max app on your TV device. For audio help, go to Fix sound issues or Subtitles, captions, and audio.
  1. On your Android TV, go to Settings > Apps.
  2. Select HBO Max from the list of apps.
  3. Select Clear cache.
  4. Select Clear data.
  5. Open HBO Max, sign in, and try streaming again.

Why is the HBO app so glitchy? ›

One of the leading causes of buffering issues is a lack of internet speed. HBO Max recommends a minimum download speed of at least 5 Mbps, but as high as 50 Mbps or more for 4K streaming. You can check your connection speed in multiple ways, but the easiest is to go through

Why is HBO not working? ›

Clear HBO Max Cache in Android

Corrupt browser cache and bad/incompatible extensions are known to stop web browsers from loading HBO Max. If you stream HBO Max through a computer, clear your browser's cache and disable or uninstall recently installed extensions.

Is HBO GO free on Iphone? ›

Your HBO GO subscription will be charged to your iTunes account. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current subscription.

Can I watch HBO with cellular? ›

In the HBO Max app for iOS or Android, head to its "Video Options." If you try playing a video without a Wi-Fi connection, it'll tell you that you need to "See Video Options" to allow for cellular streams, so tap that button to get there.

Did HBO Max replace HBO GO? ›

HBO Max is available through many providers (e.g. TV, internet, and mobile providers)—see the list below. The HBO GO app is no longer available. With HBO Max, you can stream all of HBO plus much more.

How much is HBO GO per month? ›

HBO NOW and HBO GO have been rebranded to HBO. How do I get just HBO? You can subscribe to just HBO for $15.99/month — but you could get access to even more movies, series, and new Max Originals plus all of HBO, if you subscribe to HBO Max. Plans start at $9.99/month.

Do I have to pay for HBO Max if I have HBO GO? ›

If you subscribe to HBO through Amazon Appstore, Apple, Google Play, Roku Channel Store, Samsung TV, WarnerMedia, Consolidated Communications, Liberty, North State, Optimum, Service Electric Cablevision, Verizon Fios, or Ziply Fiber, then you have access to HBO Max Ad-Free right now, at no extra cost!

Does HBO GO have 1 month free? ›

HBO GO Subscription Plan Price

HBO GO only has one subscription plan and it's only for Php 149 per month which renews every month. You can also opt for a 3-month plan for Php 299 which renews every 3 months. New subscribers will get a 7-day free trial period.

Is there a 7 day free trial for HBO? ›

Most HBO Max providers do not offer a free trial to new subscribers. If a subscription or promotional offer includes a free trial, you'll see mention of the free trial when you sign up.

How do I get unlimited HBO free trial? ›

Don't want to pay for HBO Max but want to still sample its wares? Well, HBO Max offers something similar to a free trial. All you need to do is download the app or visit (opens in new tab), and you will be able to watch the first episodes of select Max Originals and HBO Originals without paying.

How long does a $25 HBO now gift card last? ›

It's because HBO doesn't bill these $30 Gift Cards as 2 months of service they bill them as $15 for 30 days. So each $30 gift card is good for 60 days and not 2 months which means on all the months in the year that are 31 days... HBO cuts you off from that 31st day and uses your next batch of 30 days.

What gives you HBO Max for free? ›

Use a free trial of HBO Max on Hulu

If you're signed up for the streaming service Hulu (which costs $7.99 per month for the ad-supported version, and $14.99 for the ad-free one), then you can add HBO Max as an add-on, with a seven-day free trial available.

Is HBO free with Amazon? ›

Prime members can now go to HBO Max's dedicated homepage on Prime Video and subscribe for $14.99 per month – with no additional downloads required.

Does Netflix have a student discount? ›

If you have not signed up before you can try it out and can cancel your subscription at any time, though unfortunately there isn't any discount available to students.

How much is HBO student discount? ›

You will continue to be billed $9.99/month (plus applicable taxes) as long as you continue to be a qualifying student.

Is sharing HBO Accounts legal? ›

Can I share my HBO Max account with my friends? Yes, you can share your account with some friends. You will want to log into your account and then click on “Manage Account”. Enter the person's name and select “Add To My Account” from the drop-down menu of services you want them to have access to.

Is it illegal to share HBO Max? ›

Whilst you can only have three simultaneous streams on three devices at one time, you can stream HBO Max on multiple devices at different times. You can watch HBO on as many devices as you want, as long as the devices can stream and are supported by HBO Max.

Does HBO tell you when someone logs in? ›

You'll see a list of devices used to access your HBO Max account on both platforms. This tells you the type of device that was used—smart TV, mobile app, or browse—so you can see if a device you don't know is using your account.

Is Netflix better than HBO GO? ›

Netflix has nearly three times more content than does HBO Max. You can stream over 36 thousand hours of content on Netflix compared to 13 thousand on HBO Max. But volume does not equal value. Quantity does not equal quality.

Is HBO and HBO GO the same thing? ›

Content: Same Content, Different Subscription

HBO NOW and HBO GO include the same content. That includes all of HBO's original shows, from The Sopranos to Game of Thrones. It also includes all the movies that HBO currently has the rights to broadcast and stream.

What is the voucher code? ›

A voucher code is a unique identification number that consists of alphanumeric series given to each individual voucher. When presented for payment an individual can avail of the said discount for the product or service rendered to him. Also see: Difference Between Source Document and Voucher. Suggest Corrections.


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