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Info-Tech Research Group is the world's fastest growing information technology research and advisory company, proudly serving over 30,000 IT professionals.

We produce unbiased and highly relevant research to help CIOs and IT leaders make strategic, timely, and well-informed decisions. We partner closely with IT teams to provide everything they need, from actionable tools to analyst guidance, ensuring they deliver measurable results for their organizations.

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Today we are at a cusp of IT innovation and re-imagination! At Info-Tech, we have a whole lot of excitement ahead of us – new technologies, industries, and global regions. This would be a great time to JOIN US! I look forward to offering you rewarding experiences at Info-Tech!

Joel McLean
Founder & Executive Chairman

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  • Acquire Aggressively acquire new accounts
  • Engage Engage our clients
  • Research Build disruptive research products
  • Operations Become a world class managed organization

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Dave Bell

Senior Vice President, Acquire

"The Acquire department is the growth engine of Info-Tech. We share leading practices with organizations across the globe to help solve complex IT issues."

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What does Acquire do?

Acquire is about new logos. Our mission is to fuel Info-Tech's growth by sharing how we dramatically help IT organizations across the globe. We work from assigned territories that are designed to make you an industry leader. Our team members are responsible for their success and run their deals like their own company – everything from booking a first meeting to closing. We help drive additional success through our marketing group and conferences around North America.

How is Acquire structured?

A sales professional is supported by a Director who has nine additional team members. A critical part of a success is building pipeline and becoming an expert in outreach to drive meetings. We are committed to training, and once a week, we spend a full day on training – everything from sales skills to technology trends. We are committed to giving you the skills needed to be successful.

Why consider a career in Acquire?

If you're a highly motivated sales professional who likes speaking with leaders of amazing companies and helping them solve critical business issues, Acquire is right for you. Want to travel? We work with organizations across North America – this can be up to 20% of your time. We have roles geared towards varying levels of experience, so we can find a fit for you.

Acquire Team Spotlight

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Jamie Allan
Commercial Director

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Asad Hussain
Regional Sales Director

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Taylor Pritchard
Regional Sales Director

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Randi Amaral

Senior Vice President, Engage

"Engage (Member Services) is where everything comes together at Info-Tech. We partner with our members to understand their needs and then connect them with the tools, resources, and analysts to drive their personal and organizational success."

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What does Engage do?

Engage works with our members to identify areas where they need help and then aligns them with our resources to drive their key initiatives forward. Each rep works with a territory of member accounts to service them, renew them, and identify opportunities for additional services. Our team members are self-starters with an entrepreneurial mindset. They work with CIOs and IT leaders of some of the most recognizable companies in the world and enjoy becoming true partners in their members' success.

How is Engage structured?

Engage is structured into territories of accounts. Team members work with a specified group of accounts throughout the year. They are supported by a Director (coach and leader) and an Executive Advisor (former CIO) who works directly with members. We place a heavy focus on regular coaching and training every week to improve the team's sales skills, product knowledge, and technology and industry trends.

Why consider a career in Engage?

If you're a self-driven sales professional with outstanding communication skills and great executive presence, then Engage is where you belong. You will partner throughout the year with senior executives and IT leaders at amazing companies from around the world to assist them in achieving success on their key initiatives. If you are energized by supporting others and seeing them achieve success, then you will love working in Engage.

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Gord Harrison

Senior Vice President, Research & Advisory

"The Research department really is the lifeblood of the organization; think of it as the brain trust that leverages the collective intelligence, wisdom, and experience of really intelligent people. Armed with a rigorous research process, client-friendly attitudes, and a passion for learning, our analysts are able to solve IT's toughest problems."

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What does Research do?

Our Research department is the product arm of the organization; we invest heavily in creating consumable, best-of-breed research solutions that our customers use to solve their toughest problems. Each piece of research succinctly tackles a specific project that IT departments typically undertake, providing practical, real-world working examples of the tools and deliverables necessary to execute those projects.

How is Research structured?

A typical research analyst has three main responsibilities: create research, take calls from members about their research, and lead workshops on their research. It is a heavily client-focused role, where working with clients to solve their problems is the most important aspect of the job.

Why consider a career in Research?

If you are a highly motivated, independent, and structured thinker who likes to solve problems, help people, and travel to clients' locations to help them achieve their goals, then being a research analyst is for you. We have analyst roles specifically tailored to your area of expertise, whether that is delivering value over the phone, writing research, or leading workshops.

Research Team Spotlight

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Ugbad Farah
Senior Research Analyst
Applications - Project & Portfolio Management

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Matt Burton
Research Director
Applications - Project & Portfolio Management

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Sandi Conrad
Practice Lead
Infrastructure & Operations

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Lucy Norman

Senior Director, Talent Acquisition

"Our Operations teams provide a wide variety of support across the business, making it possible for Commercial teams to focus on driving revenue, for Research teams to focus on building rigorous processes to solve IT’s toughest problems, and for our Member Services teams to focus on driving measured value to all our existing members."

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What does Operations do?

Our Operations teams act as a shared service function across all departments and brands that fall under the Info-Tech Research Group umbrella. Our mandate is to provide everything from basic administrative and back-end processing support all the way to complex and demanding financial, legal, project, and strategic support for a wide range of processes and programs.

How is Operations structured?

We have seven Operations teams, each overseen by a VP/SVP and each varying in size and scope of coverage.

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IT & Sales Operations


Human Resources


PR & Communications



Why consider a career in Operations?

Operations has a mandate to support everything: the design and maintenance of our website and the development of new products, the strategic growth of headcount and company brand, the increase of marketing leads and the optimization of Salesforce, successful conversion of generated leads, and the review and approval of complex client contracts and agreements. Whether you work in the HR, IT, or Finance team, a job in Operations is never boring, and no two days will feel the same. You will have the opportunity to collaborate on a variety of challenging and interesting projects, solving complex problems while continually developing your own skills in an ongoing learning environment. Not only that, but you will also have the opportunity to partner with a wide range of highly skilled and educated peers, colleagues, and leaders who will not only teach you new concepts, skills, and behaviors but who will also be mentors, coaches, in many cases lifelong friends.

Operations Team Spotlight

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Manjusha Samant
Application Development Manager

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Get Things

Prioritize aggressively; Maintain the highest level of energy and urgency; Accept calculated risks without fear of failure; Despise bureaucracy; Foster a lean and agile organization.

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Enjoy the
Work We Do

Be proud of our team; Take the time to understand not only what to do, but why you are doing it; Look forward to coming to work everyday; Communicate candidly and be direct.

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Extraordinary Value

Focus on creating amazing value for our customers; Be proud of the work we do and the success it creates for our clients; Embrace change as the only path to opportunity.

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Expect Excellence

Believe that mediocrity is unacceptable; Deliver on our promises; Commit to continuously learning and teaching; Collaborate and motivate each other; Strive for continuous improvement.

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Act With Integrity

Do what you said you would do and do it on time; Share, trust and admit mistakes; Treat everybody with respect and inspire the freedom to challenge conventional thinking.

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Info-Tech Research Group is known for its innovative culture and unique working environment. We offer engaging and challenging opportunities, a place where you can have a voice and make a difference. Discover the benefits of building your future with our Team.

Great Place to Work

We've been named one of the 50 Best Workplaces by Canadian Business magazine. We are an inclusive, innovative, dynamic and fun working environment. We've grown quickly by attracting some of the brightest minds in the IT industry.

Health & Wellness

We care about the mind-body-spirit wellness of our employees, as well as offering a competitive health package we also have workplace yoga, wellness sessions, massage chairs, treadmill work stations and ergonomic chairs.


Our perks take work to the next level. Not only do we offer unique and amazing working environments in Midtown Toronto and London, ON, we also offer a wealth of perks including summer working hours, additional time off packages, and scholarships. Fun Day, talent shows, annual celebrations and various dress down and dress up days.

Culture of Development & Growth

Our workforce is passionate, creative and driven with a thirst for ongoing learning. As a result we offer continuous learning support as well as an annual Scholarship program. We are not afraid of change and you shouldn't be either so adaptability and flexibility are a must.

Social Responsibility

Info-Tech is committed to making a difference in the communities we live and work. We sponsor a wealth of large and small local and national charities. We are committed to meeting the accessibility needs of individuals with disabilities and are an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are an ingrained part of our culture. We strive to make our people feel included, safe, and an essential part of the business, as we believe an inclusive culture leads to high levels of engagement, innovation, and productivity. We are dedicated to making positive and impactful change in the world through our products and services. We are committed to applying an inclusive and antiracist lens in the work we do by standing against racial injustices and holding ourselves accountable for unlearning and challenging systemic racism.

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London, ON

345 Ridout Street North

London, ON, Canada
N6A 2N8

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Toronto, ON

888 Yonge Street

Toronto, ON, Canada
M4W 2J2

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Las Vegas, NV

3960 Howard Hughes Parkway

Suite 500, Las Vegas, NV, USA

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Sydney, NSW

Level 3, 100 Harris Street

Pyrmont, NSW, Australia

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London, UK

8 Duncannon Street

London, United Kingdom

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North America

United Kingdom
0808 175 3350

1800 242 692


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