10 Day Baja California Sur Road Trip - The Perfect Itinerary (2023)

Baja California is one of my favorite regions to explore for its variety of ecosystems and landscapes. On this 10-day Baja California Sur Road trip, I was exploring Baja for my second time, this time by myself and I had a blast.

Too bad my trip was interrupted by Covid, otherwise, it would have been 15 days.

But I can’t complain. In this post, I am going to share with you my itinerary as well as important practical tips on traveling to Baja California Sur.

The blue ocean and the red rocky desert dotted with thousands of green cacti offer a spectacular contrast and overwhelming views that captivate any nature lovers and photographers.

The best way to explore Baja California is by renting a car and in this post, I will share my 10-day road trip itinerary in Baja California Sur, including the most exciting things to do and places to see.

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Baja California practical tips

A few practical notes on this road trip itinerary in Baja California

✅ If you are concerned about renting a car in Mexico, don’t be. I have been driving in Mexico for the past 10 years and although there are places where it’s not advisable to go, Baja California is not one of them.

On the contrary, it’s one of the safest areas to travel. Also, having a car in Baja California is more practical because the local transportation is not reliable if you want to reach the most interesting areas. Just make sure you pick your car rental wisely. I recommend checking on Discover cars because it allows you to compare prices from different car rentals.

✅ Baja California is a great destination for solo travelers because it’s relatively safe and easy to move around. I was there on my own twice and I had a blast.

✅ Get your snorkeling gear because it’s more hygienic, and a dry bag so you can take your belonging with you while you are having fun in the water

✅ US$ are accepted but it’s more convenient to have Mexican Pesos, for the exchange rate.

✅ Keep your gas tank always half full at least, so you don’t risk running out.

✅ Tipping is not mandatory, but it is expected, for supermarket baggers, Gas Station stuff, and waiters.

✅ Drive slowly, the only danger on Baja Roads are the goats and cows appearing in front of you out of nowhere.

Get a local sim card and use Google Maps to find your way around.A local sim card is also helpful in case you need to call a hotel or your car rental or if any issue occurs.

Baja California itinerary Map

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10 days Baja California road trip

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This itinerary is not set in stone. It’s just a sample of what I would do to cover all the amazing things to do in Baja California Sur, based on my experience. (I did two road trips in Baja). By all means, you can change it according to your interests.

It’s applicable only between January and March, which is the whale season.

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Day 1 – Arriving a Los Cabos International Airport

On the first day, you will arrive at Los Cabos Airport, but you will skip the city and after picking up your car rental, you will drive to San Jose al Cabo, where you will spend the first night.

San Jose al Cabo is a cute touristic town, much more charming than Cabo San Lucas, for its historical feel.

If you manage to organize your arrival on a Thursday night, it’s even better because you will be enjoying a nice night out in the heart of town where artists gather and show their works in the main square.

You will also enjoy great food and live music in local restaurants. If you happen to be there early in the day, you can make time to explore the beach.

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Days 2 – Santiago – Cabo Pulmo

The following day you´ll have an early wake-up call as you will be enjoying a wonderful hike in the Sierra de La Laguna.

A spectacular deserted area with amazing trails and hidden oasis, and even a hot spring. I went with a great guide that was suggested by a local friend.

I met 2 ladies who joined the tour and we eventually became friends.

We had a great time hiking on boulders and riding our bikes for part of the road.

Ah! The joy of traveling alone.

From San Jose del Cabo to Santiago is only a 1-hour drive.

After the tour, which is normally from 9 to 14, you will drive to Cabo Pulmo and settle in your previously booked hotel.

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Cabo Pulmo is a very renowned destination for divers and snorkelers, because of the incredible wealth of marine life, and whale watching.

Winters are usually packed and it might be challenging to find a place to stay, especially on weekends. I would suggest you book in advance.

Day 3- 4 Cabo Pulmo

2 nights and one full day in Cabo Pulmo is good enough unless you are a diver. But that’s for another post.

There are many different tours available but snorkeling in Cabo Pulmo is the most complete and rewarding experience because you basically combine two tours into one.

It’s a 3 hours excursion where you do 3 snorkeling stops, the last one being with the funny sea lions.

The bonus of this tour is that you will see humpback whales as well, and it’s an amazing memorable view that you will cherish for life.

To see these giants jumping and dancing out of the water right in front of you makes you wonder at the beautiful perfection of mother nature.

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Even the guides that see those scenes every single day, were over-excited at the sight of the whale and her baby.

Cabo Pulmo is a great place also for birdwatchers. I was lucky enough to meet some professional birders who let me join their birdwatching walk one morning, just outside the village.

It’s amazing how many birds you see if you can just observe.

You can do it on your own. It’s just about staying quiet and observing but you must be there around 6 am.

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Day 4 – Adolfo Lopez Mateo

Today is a driving day, probably the longest you will be in your car. You will reach Adolfo Lopez Mateo where you will have an amazing encounter with the grey whales.

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This is in my opinion the place where you can experience the bestwhale watching in Mexico.

It’s about 6 hours drive for 428 km/ 265 miles

But worry not because you will be very well entertained. The road is a spectacular endless concrete path cutting through the vast infinity of the orange rocky desert. It feels like a movie.

Just make sure you stay focused on the road, and be on the lookout for the random animals that might cross, and when you want to admire the view, just pull over and enjoy it.

If you get to the destination around 3 pm you are still on time to get to the marina and check with the tour companies if they have any tours available.

Otherwise, you can check in to your hotel and wait for the following morning.

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How to book your tour in Lopez Mateos.

The way Lopez Mateos’ fishermen are organized for whale watching tours is very practical and perfect for solo travelers. That’s why it’s my favorite place for whale watching in Baja California.

Basically, you get to one of the ticket counters and tell them you want to do a whale watching tour and for how many people.

They will check if they have any groups available that you can join or they let you wait around and call you when they have availability. You will always find other people like you or couples that want to share the boat.

The tour has a fixed price per boat, so depending on how many people are in your boat, you will split the cost.

Insider tip: Although the boat can hold up to 12 passengers, I wouldn’t go with a full boat.

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I believe 6 to 7 is the maximum number, especially if you want to take pictures. You need to have space to move quickly without causing any unpleasant situation such as falling off the boat, for example.

The gray whales are very friendly animals. Obviously, they are free in the ocean but they come into the protected bay to give birth and mate because that’s where they find protection from the ocean predators.

They are totally at ease with humans, they get close to the boats and stick their huge heads out as if they wanted to bond and connect with the excited tourists. It’s an amazing experience.

I am so crazy about whales that I took two tours in Lopez Mateos, one in the afternoon and one in the following morning before driving to Loreto.

Also, know that Alfonso Lopez Mateo is a tiny village with just a couple of hotels and two or three restaurants.

Day 5 – 8 Loreto

The drive to Loreto is a short one. About 150 km, 2 hours, if you don’t continuously stop to take pictures, like me.

Especially once you reach the coastal area, you will have access to spectacular views, and you will want to stop all the time, but the road doesn’t always allow it.

Here is where you need to be more careful as there are a lot of unexpected curves and that’s where the goats are hiding and suddenly getting in your way.

So drive slowly, keep your eyes on the road and pull over when you can if you want to admire the breathtaking scenery.

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When you arrive in Loreto you can use your time to familiarize yourself and explore the tiny historical center. Take a nice walk to the Malecon, and get a coffee in one of the nice cafes in the plaza.

Loreto is a pretty historical town, proclaimed by the Mexican tourism association as one of the Magic Towns, for its charm and its interesting natural resources.

This is where the Spanish conquerors landed on the peninsula for the first time taking the Jesuits with them who founded their missions.

If you have time I suggest you should visit the Local Museum right in the Misión de Nuestra Señora de Loreto, the first founded Mission. It’s very small but interesting if you are curious to learn about the history of Baja California.

There are many things to do in Loreto but since we have limited time, I would go for a tour to Coronado Island, and one for blue whale watching.

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They are both worth the money and your time, without a doubt.

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Coronado Island tour

Coronado Island is one of the many islands located right off the coast of Loreto Bay. The tour will take you to one of its spectacular deserted beaches washed by an unrealistic turquoise sea.

Here you will have some free time to snorkel and swim or just admire the paradisiac scenery.

On the way to the island, you will make a snorkeling stop to swim with the funny sea lion. But the most spectacular view is one of the dolphins that will surround your boat.

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Whale watching tour

The blue whale is the biggest animal on earth. Seeing it from so close is an overwhelming feeling that you will remember forever. The blue whale is not so playful as the grey whale, also because due to its dimension it is better if it doesn’t get that close.

However, seeing their tail sticking out of the water with such grace despite its humongous size, is really a beautiful experience.

The boat ride to the site where the whales are located takes about 2 hours. However, during the trip, you will be delighted by the spectacular sights of hundreds of dolphins flipping and swimming around the boat. I had never seen so many dolphins together. It was like a miracle.

This site is not mentioned as part of the tour because it cannot be guaranteed 100% but the guide explained that they see them very often.

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10 days Baja California itinerary day 8 – 10 Todos Santos or La Paz?

Now is the time to drive back south and you can decide whether you want to end your trip in La Paz or in Todos Santos.

It really depends on what you are looking for and I will leave it up to you.

I am just sharing some information on both destinations to help you decide.

Consider that Todos Santos is a 1hr 30’ drive from Los Cabos airport and 2 hours from La Paz, so you might want to plan your flight out accordingly.

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La Paz

Although La Paz is the capital city of Baja California, it doesn’t look like one. On the contrary, it has maintained the laid-back fishing town feel, especially if you hang out around the Malecon (the promenade), to enjoy spectacular sunsets, great boat tours, and delicious restaurants.

There are many amazing things to do in la Paz, however the most popular are:

  • Whale sharks tours (winter only)
  • Espiritu Santo boat tour (all year round)
  • Playa Balandra – is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico in my personal opinion, great during the day, and romantic at sunset.

Check out some hotel options in La Paz

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Todos Santos

Todos Santos is a very special place, with a huge bohemian community that enjoys the good life, art, surf, and beach time.

There most interesting things to do in Todos Santos are:

  • enjoying the world-class culinary scene,
  • taking some surfing class
  • watching the pro surfers flying over the crashing waves.
  • Spending time on the beach at sunset.
  • Join a yoga retreat

Todos Santos is also home to stylish world-class hotels and yoga retreats.

It’s a place for relaxing and reflecting.

So, here are the two destinations in a nutshell for the end of your amazing road trip in Baja California Sur. I am curious to know which one you will choose and why.

I hope this sample itinerary around Baja California was helpful, but I am available for any questions you might have.

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✨ Mexico Travel Planning Guide ✨

👉 Do I need travel insurance to travel to Mexico?

I would do it if I were you. You never know what can happen and knowing that no matter what, you will be covered with any expenses will give you peace of mind, and make your travel worry-free. You can check out World Nomads or SafetyWing which I have used alternatively depending on my needs of the moment.

🚰 Can I drink tap water in Mexico?

No, you can’t! Maybe in some areas or in some homes where they have installed water filters but to be on the safe side, I would say, never drink tap water in Mexico. Carry a water bottle with you and fill it up where you find available potable water sources. Most of the hotels have those.

🚗 Is it safe to drive in Mexico?

The short answer is: depending on where you are. Although in general if you stick to the main roads and don’t drive at night you should probably be safe. In lesser tourist areas you should probably check the local news to stay up to date. Driving in the Yucatan Peninsula is easy everywhere, even at night, although I would still avoid it. I usually use Discover Cars because the site offers the options to compare prices among different car rentals and you can add their own full coverage.

Read more on my guide on Renting a car in Mexico.

📱 Will my phone work in Mexico?

It will probably work, especially if you have a European or US phone, but your roaming rates may be to the stars (check with your SIM provider). Even if have an affordable international rate, you will be much better off by buying a Mexican SIM Card. It’s cheap, easy to set up, and it will keep you connected with your friends, family, and, more important, google Maps so you will never get lost!

🤕 Is it safe to travel to Mexico right now?

The short answer is, yes it is. However, there are parts of Mexico that are indeed troubled and you should avoid for now, and others that are super safe and easy to travel around.

Regardless of where you are you should always use some common sense rules such as, never flaunt expensive clothing, accessories, electronics, or money and keep a low profile.

Read more on my detailed guide on safety in Mexico. If you are traveling to a specific destination I have got you covered as well:

  • Is Cancun Safe?
  • Is Tulum Safe?
  • Is Puerto Vallarta safe?

💉 Do I need any vaccine to travel to Mexico?

No, there is no vaccine requirement (of any kind) to travel to Mexico

🇲🇽 Do I need a visa to travel to Mexico?

If you are coming from the US or Europe you don’t need a VISA to enter Mexico. Once you get in you need to fill out a form which you need to keep with you until you leave. If you don’t have it you will pay a fine.

Although the tourist visa for US and European travelers used to be 6 months long which you could easily renew by leaving the country for a couple of days and going back, nowadays they have been stricter. You may be asked how you would sustain your living and other similar questions. Sometimes they even ask you to show your credit cards.

It seems odd but they can do that. If you intend to stay longer than a usual couple of weeks’ vacation time, just be honest and explain your plans. If you are not from the US, check this site to see if you need a visa

💸 Where do I find the best travel deals for Mexico? 💸

A trip to Mexico can be expensive if you love to travel with all the comforts (like I do). There are a few tricks that will help you find the best deals. Here are my tips:

👉 DON’T travel in the high season, which is Holy week, Christmas and winter in general, and August.
👉 Book months in advance to find early booking discounts
👉 Use aggregators such as Discover Cars to find price comparisons and VRBO for vacation rentals!
👉 Look for packages flights+hotels on Expedia or Skyscanner as usually, that’s where the best deals are.
👉 Check on Booking.com or Hotels.com for hotel deals

Happy travels!!

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How long does it take to drive Baja California? ›

How long does it take to drive the entire Baja Peninsula? The entire stretch is 775 miles each way not accounting for the side-trips to see what the peninsula has to offer. I suggest spending at least one week each way — even that is pushing it.

Is Baja California Sur worth visiting? ›

Whether you've been to Baja California Sur on trips before or not, you'll likely know that this state is one of the most incredible places to discover new and what feels like totally untouched pieces of natural beauty. The best thing about the entire Baja Peninsula is that it is perfect for road trips.

Is Baja California or Baja California Sur better? ›

Baja California Sur is undoubtedly the more popular state for tourism — though both Baja states have things to offer. In Baja Sur, the famous beaches of Los Cabos (Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo) and La Paz await!

When should I go to Baja California Sur? ›

But the best time to visit Baja is from December through April. Our Baja cruises primarily operate during these months, taking advantage of pleasant weather and sailing conditions while avoiding the hottest summer months and the hurricane season.

Is Baja safe to road trip? ›

Baja does present security risks, particularly in the areas closest to the U.S. border. That is primarily due to the drug and smuggling trade in the area. Violence often can affect tourists, so you do have a good reason to keep up your guard. Still, don't assume that all parts of Tijuana, Baja and beyond are unsafe.

What is the difference between Baja Mexico and Baja California? ›

Baja California was one Mexican territory until 1930, when it was split into two parts that eventually gained statehood. The northern part kept the name Baja California, while the southern part eventually became Baja California Sur.

What is the best month to visit Big Sur? ›

The best time to visit Big Sur is from September to November. With more than 300 days of sunshine per year, Big Sur's peak season runs long, from April to October.

Is Baja California safer than Mexico? ›

Baja California is one of the safer areas of Mexico, especially if you stick to Rosarito, Ensenada, and Guadalupe Valley. However, it does have cartel activity, and crime is also a risk. So be sure to avoid sketchy areas and always be aware of your surroundings.

Which side of Baja is better? ›

The Pacific side of Baja, especially in the north, has a much milder climate than the rest of the peninsula. The Pacific currents and the winds that come off of the ocean tend to keep the Pacific side much cooler than the Sea of Cortez side.

What is Baja California Sur known for? ›

Baja California Sur Today

Tourism, sport fishing, agriculture and salt mining make the biggest contributions to the state`s economy. Salt is mined from the ocean and sold as table salt or a preservative.

What is Baja California most known for? ›

Baja California Today

The state's economy is bolstered by agriculture, maquiladoras (manufacturing assembly plants), mining and tourism. The state is also well known as a tourist destination, thanks to its countless beaches and proximity to the United States.

What language do they speak in Baja California? ›

However, you will need to know some key words and phrases to understand the records. The official language of Mexico is Spanish, which is spoken by 90 percent of the people. Indian languages of the Aztecs, Mayans, and other tribes are still spoken throughout the country.

Is Sea of Cortez warmer than Pacific Ocean? ›

The east coast along the Sea of Cortez is much warmer than the Pacific coast summer and winter, and in late winter and early spring can be fantastically windy. The west (Pacific) coast is cool and breezy in winter and warm and breezy in summer, on average 5°C (10°F) cooler than the Sea of Cortez side.

Are there scorpions in Baja California Sur? ›

In Mexico, the bark scorpion is found in Baja California Norte, Baja California Sur, and Sonora. Bark scorpions reach a length of 3 inches and have a very thin tail only 1/16 inch wide; the body is yellow without stripes or patterns.

Is there a rainy season in Baja? ›

Most of the rain falls from November to March, although in the interior, some rains also occur from July to September.

Is Baja CA Sur Safe 2022? ›

Baja California Sur state – Exercise Increased Caution

Exercise increased caution due to crime. Criminal activity and violence may occur throughout the state.

Is Baja Safe 2022? ›

Baja California, Mexico is considered a moderately safe state in Mexico. There are some dangerous towns in Baja, Mexico such as Tijuana — one of the most crime-ridden cities in Mexico. The most common crimes committed throughout Baja, Mexico are drug trafficking, corruption, and bribery.

What do I need to know before going to Baja California? ›

Before You Go Checklist
  • Get your Mexican Auto Insurance.
  • As of September 2015, all U.S. and Canadian citizens crossing into Mexico need an FMM Tourist Permit regardless of the duration or destination of your stay in Baja.
  • Don't forget your passport and driver's license.
  • Your original vehicle registration.

What cartel owns Baja California? ›

the Tijuana Cartel

Is Baja California expensive? ›

Baja California Sur offers something for every budget. Even in the more expensive cities, modest housing can be found for less than $100,000. Of course, those homes will not have the amenities and views many retirees seek but when cost is a factor there are options.

Do you need a passport to go from California to Baja Mexico? ›

U.S. citizens must present a valid U.S. passport book or card, in addition to an entry permit (Forma Migratoria Multiple or FMM) issued by Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM). Travelers should be sure to enter Mexico with valid proof of automobile registration, even if remaining in the border zone.

Is Big Sur road scary? ›

Is the drive to Big Sur scary? The drive to Big Sur can be scary for those with a fear of heights. Some parts of the scenic drive follow the edge of the cliff. That said, drive cautiously and stop at turnouts and you'll avoid any dangers.

Is Big Sur a difficult drive? ›

California Highway 1 in the Big Sur region is one of the state's most dangerous highways, even in good weather. It is narrow (almost entirely one lane in each direction), and travelers who are driving slowly or have stopped entirely, directly on the highway, to admire the view can pose hazards to other drivers.

Is Big Sur drive worth it? ›

Big Sur is a 90-mile scenic drive, so you'll definitely want to rent a car. If you have the time and the means, I highly recommend making your trip to Big Sur part of a larger West Coast road trip! Consider visiting Yosemite National Park and Redwood National Park while you're on the west coast.

Is there cartel in Baja California Sur? ›

The criminal underworld in Baja California Sur is dominated by the New Generation Cartel of Jalisco.

Can you swim in the ocean in Baja California? ›

With the longest coastline in Mexico, boasting 2230 km of coast and beach, it's no wonder beaches in Baja California Sur are known for great swimming and surfing. Top rated beaches include Playa del Amor (lover's beach) and ironically, Divorce Beach.

Is Baja California safe to travel by car? ›

Is it safe to drive to Baja California? Yes, it is safe to drive to Baja California. However, there are some things you should be aware of before driving down. For example, make sure not to drive after dark, watch out for cows and horses in the road, and fill up your gas tank whenever possible.

Can you flush toilet paper in Baja? ›

Unless you are in a mega resort with its very own high-end septic system, you simply can't FLUSH paper with your liquid or solid waste in ANY mexican toilet. You'll find the same in other parts of the world as well. Each mexian house has it's very own septic system.

Can you drink tap water in Baja? ›

No — Mexico Locals drink bottled water.

Since locals don't want to get sick just as much as you don't want to get sick, there will be no instance when someone will serve or offer you tap water. To make Mexico water safe to drink, you'd have to boil it or use a filterable water bottle like the Water-To-Go.

Do you tip in Baja Mexico? ›

It's up to you how much you tip, but the recommended amount in Mexico is between 10% – 20% (15% is a good standard in tourist areas) of the bill or ticket price.

What is the most popular food in Baja California? ›

Tacos de Pescado (Fish Tacos)

Perhaps the dish most commonly associated with Baja California, tasty battered fish (and shrimp!) tacos are a mainstay of the diet here and are typically accompanied with delicious salsas.

What are 3 facts about Baja California? ›

By area, Baja California is the 12th largest state in Mexico, which has 31 states and one federal district. Mexicali is the capital of Baja California, and more than 75% of the population lives there, in Ensenada, or in Tijuana. Other large cities in Baja California include San Felipe, Playas de Rosarito, and Tecate.

Is Cabo considered Baja California Sur? ›

Cabo San Lucas (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈkaβo san ˈlukas], "Saint Luke Cape"), or simply Cabo, is a resort city at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur.

What foods are Baja California known for? ›

Baja California is known for a wide variety of culinary staples. Aside from the region's delicious Mexican food and margaritas, two of the most renowned Baja-Med dishes south of the border include the pan-fried lobster and the Caesar salad.

What is Baja style food? ›

Baja Med is a term conceived by Chef Miguel Ángel Guerrero that refers to fusion cuisine of Mexican cuisine, such as chicharrón and cotija cheese, with those of Mediterranean, such as olive oil, and Asian cuisine, such as lemongrass.

What country owns Baja? ›

Baja California (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈbaxa kaliˈfoɾnja] ( listen); 'Lower California'), officially the Free and Sovereign State of Baja California (Spanish: Estado Libre y Soberano de Baja California), is a state in Mexico. It is the northernmost and westernmost of the 32 federal entities of Mexico.

What do you call someone from Baja? ›

Cristian Montes de Oca. Lived in Baja California, Mexico Author has 1K answers and 5.8M answer views 6y. Hi, Joe already gave you the general answer. It is important to mention that the actual name for people born in the Baja California is Bajacaliforniano, in spanish or Bajacalifornian in English.

Why does the US not own Baja California? ›

However, Baja California, while not very important for the U.S., was very important to Mexico. Losing Baja California meant that Maxico's west coast would be dominated by the United States. U.S. felt that demanding Baja would make territorial negotiations with Mexico way too difficult for not much gain.

Do a lot of Americans live in Baja California? ›

These loopholes have prompted an influx of U.S. citizens that started in the late 1990s. It's estimated that 1.5 million Americans now live in Mexico, with tens of thousands residing in Baja California, where they can keep one foot in familiar terrain by hopping across the border into San Diego.

Is Sea of Cortez swimmable? ›

While Cabo's beaches are the postcard turquoise blue and sandy white, most aren't suitable for swimming—but no, it's not because of great white sharks in the Sea of Cortez. Instead, the Sea of Cortez is full of strong waves and powerful undercurrents, making many otherwise pristine beaches dangerous for swimming.

Can you swim across the Sea of Cortez? ›

Absolutely no swimming is allowed because the strong currents and powerful shore break is very dangerous. Lover's Beach (Playa de Amor) is located on the Sea of Cortez side near the famous stone arch (El Arco). The only access to this beach is by water taxi from the marina or Medano Beach.

Is the Sea of Cortez windy? ›

The conditions in the Sea of Cortez are otherwise great for sailing, with winds between 10 and 25 knots being common throughout the year.

Are there crocodiles in Baja California? ›

American crocodiles are found in tropical regions on Mexico's mainland, across the Gulf of California, or Sea of Cortez. Wild crocodiles are not found on the Baja California peninsula, where the desert climate is not suitable.

Are there poisonous snakes in Baja California? ›

There are 35 species of snakes (serpientes) in Baja, about half of which are poisonous, although they rarely come into contact with people.

Are there mosquitos in Baja? ›

It is part of the Baja California peninsula, famous for its beautiful beaches and spectacular landscapes combining the desert and the Sea of Cortez. The only mosquito present in the area is the Aedes aegypti, which transmits viruses such as Zika, chikungunya and dengue.

What is the best time of year to visit Baja? ›

But the best time to visit Baja is from December through April. Our Baja cruises primarily operate during these months, taking advantage of pleasant weather and sailing conditions while avoiding the hottest summer months and the hurricane season.

Do you need a car in Baja California? ›

By car: Cars are not the best option for getting around Baja California, although many people do opt to use them. The roads are generally fairly well-maintained, although there are areas of Baja, especially rural Baja, which are not up to international standards.

How long is Baja California in miles? ›

The Baja California peninsula, about 760 miles (over 1220 kilometers) in length, is almost completely surrounded by water, with the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortés) to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It is Earth's second-longest peninsula—only the Malay Peninsula is longer.

Can I drive my car to Baja California? ›

You can legally drive your US or Canadian plated vehicle throughout the entire Baja peninsula without a TIP, as long as your US or Canadian registration and driver's license are current. You will, however, need Mexican insurance to drive throughout Baja. It's very important to purchase this before you cross the border.

Do I need a car in Baja California? ›

By car: Cars are not the best option for getting around Baja California, although many people do opt to use them. The roads are generally fairly well-maintained, although there are areas of Baja, especially rural Baja, which are not up to international standards.

Can you cross to Baja California without a passport? ›

If you are a U.S national, you may be looking up questions like “Do you need a passport to go to Baja California?” The answer is, yes. You will require a passport to travel to this Mexican state. While many people consider traveling by car, boat, train or bus, traveling by air is arguably the most convenient option.

Is Baja California cheap? ›

While Baja California is one of the most expensive parts of Mexico, it's still considerably cheaper than California.

Do you need Mexican car insurance in Baja? ›

Yes! Mexican law requires sufficient liability coverage in order to drive legally on the roads in Mexico, including the Baja Peninsula.

Can I drive in Mexico with US driver's license? ›

Valid U.S. Driver's License

If you have a valid driver's license for any U.S. state, you can legally drive across the border to Mexico. Like your passport, your driver's license should be valid for at least another six months, just to be safe so you have no issues crossing the border into Mexico.

Can you use USD in Baja California? ›

When traveling in Baja, it is usually better to pay for goods and services in pesos, rather than in U.S. dollars. Although U.S. dollars will be accepted at most larger businesses from Tijuana to Cabo, the exchange rate when paying in U.S. dollars can be significantly less than the official rate.

What can you not bring back from Mexico? ›

CBP recommends that you contact the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service before you depart if you plan to import or export any of the following: Wild birds, land or marine mammals, reptiles, fish, shellfish, mollusks or invertebrates; Any part or product of the above, such as skins, tusks, bone, feathers, or eggs; or.

Can a US citizen be denied entry back into the USA? ›

Can a US citizen be denied entry back into the USA? No. A US citizen has an absolute right to enter the US as far as immigration inspection is concerned.

How much cash can you bring into Mexico? ›

If you enter or leave Mexico, you must declare any sum of money equaling US$10,000 or more that you bring in cash, checks, money orders, other cashable documents or a combination of them. Failing to declare carries a fine ranging from 20% to 40% of the exceeding amount.


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